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Study finds increase in deaths from preventable illness in Delhi, despite investments in health care

Recent government expenditures to improve access to effective health care in Delhi, India, have been insufficient to overcome the impact of poverty and inequalities, leading to a rise in deaths from preventable illness such as septicemia and tuberculosis in the capital city, according to a study led by Rutgers School of Public Health researcher Michael K. Gusmano.

How to prepare for breast reduction surgery

How you prepare Initially, you’ll consult with a plastic surgeon about breast reduction surgery. During your first visit, your plastic surgeon will likely: Evaluate your medical history and overall health Discuss your expectations for breast size and appearance after the surgery Provide a detailed description of the procedure and its risks and benefits, including likely […]

Breast Lift Recovery

Probably the most commonly asked questions in regards to the breast lift, or any surgical procedure for that matter, has to do with the recovery and the recovery time period. Like any surgical procedure, the recovery may be broken up into two groups; immediate and long term recovery periods. The immediate recovery period refers to […]

The Risks of Breast Lifts

No matter what type of surgery you undergo, there is bound to be inheriting risks and complications that may be associated with that particular surgical procedure. Furthermore, all surgical procedures share some risks but they share these risks only because they all have something in common. Surgery in general requires the use of some type […]

Experts underscore need to tackle rising global problem of stem cell medical tourism

Stem cell medical tourism and unproven stem cell interventions are growing and concerning issues for patients afflicted with lung disease.

Breast implants do not last forever

Unlike some cosmetic surgery that can last a lifetime, breast implants do not last forever. Women are considering getting or getting breast implants at much younger age. If you are considering one for yourself, you need to be aware that you will likely need additional surgeries on your breasts over your lifetime due to rupture […]

Forecast report on Global IVF market just published a new market research report: Global In Vitro Fertilization Market 2012-2016

New report on global market prospects for neuromodulation devices announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Neuromodulation Devices: World Market Prospects 2011-2021

ISCT launches publication and reference guide on Use of Unproven Cellular Therapies

The International Society for Cellular Therapy, the global society of clinicians, researchers, regulators, technologists, and industry partners dedicated to the translation of cellular therapy into safe and effective therapies to improve patients’ lives, today announces the launch of its publication and reference guide on the Use of Unproven Cellular Therapies.

After Augmentation, the “special Bra”

Everyone who undergoes a breast augmentation will be wrapped up in a bandeau which is a special bra that is designed to help the recovery process of the breast enhancement procedure. This special bra is very important as it will prevent several possible complications as well as aide in the recovery process by pressing the […]